Photo Restorations
Old and fading pictures are a treasure telling history.
We can make them alive again by restoring the image
and print out new copies. A very personal gift for your
family or friends..
Canvas printing, Stretching, Ready for your Wall
We do it here - in house - and customize it to your
request. That special photo, you took, that great
drawing of your child, we can print it on paper or
canvas in large poster size, so you can decorate your
home with your own images.


Ursula O
Bring in a Photo and take home a pieces of art.
Welcome to Hang Ups!!!!

Your picture framing store in Cedar Park with lots of experience and creativity.

With a very successful and award winning store for over 9 years in Lakeway, Ursula Overdiek as its main source, known as “the framing lady”.

The photos throughout this webpage show previous project for our customers, and sure it will be different, but not in design quality, customer service and reliability.

Custom framing is not putting four pieces of wood together, call it a frame and stick some artwork behind a piece of glass - That is called lifeless mass production.

We will take care of your moments in time (photos), artworks or personal souvenirs and memorabilia, according to your relation to that particular piece and your taste. We framed from small exotic stamps to 134x78inch Chinese tapestries in museum quality as seen on the right side. We look forward to do it again for you.

Follow us here. Look at your empty wall in your house, which always needed “something”. Dig out that one painting from your friend which never got to frame to be hung. And finally, change that ugly frame you never liked and the art would look so much better in a new frame according to your home decor.

Hang Ups - is ready to take on your project.

Please contact us with any questions or enquiries.
Custom Mirrors

You don't need to have a 20,000sf Estate with 8 bath rooms to deserve a nice mirror and set a cheerfull accent in your private room.

As you can see in the picture on the right side, we can do it totaly with custom made mirros according to your expectations, with style and wall size.

Has anybody ever pointed out to you that there is a difference inbetween the thin cheepo mirrors from a big box store and a 1/4 inch beveled quality mirror?
WE CAN FIX IT! Always ready for a challenge!

Offering a range of photo restoration services for torn, stained or damaged photos. Details in a faded photo can be enhanced and refreshed. Also we can add finishing touches to the copy photo such as sepia brown tone or a delicate color tint to an old black and white photo to create a new treasured family heirloom. It is very affordable so this time everyone in the family can get a copy.

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Photo Restorations
Fine Art Framing
TV Frames
Custom Mat Cutting
Metal Frames
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There are times we are here long in the evenings so make the call.
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